Created by the Wycliffe Marketing Team, #WhyBible is a campaign to promote why the Bible is important, meant to interact and involve millennials. There are two parts: branded and unbranded. The branded campaign is strictly Wycliffe, pointed towards our current audience. The unbranded campaign is its own brand, so that it will attract partners — other non-profit organizations, churches, magazines, etc. — and appeal to those outside of Wycliffe. 

The Wycliffe third quarter had two parts: to promote an e-book for name acquisition, and to get people talking on social media about why the Bible matters to them. One month was focused on promoting the e-book, and the second month would be social media focused. There had to be a seamless transition from one phase to the next, as they were one in the same, but different enough that viewers would be able to see a visible change in the direction of the campaign. This transitional design element was the yellow line; it was used in the e-book simply as a separator between headline and subtitle, but then also was used as the fill-in-the-blank line for the WhyBible campaign. A small connector that tied everything together. And, everything had to be clearly Wycliffe's brand, while still appealing to a younger audience — referred to as "top-of-the-funnel" collateral. 

The e-book was initially designed to be viewed on a phone or computer, but later became a physical book to be mailed to influencers — people or companies who have a large following — in an effort to involve them in our campaign and hopefully have them post about it, reaching a greater number of people. The mailer had to be aesthetically pleasing and exciting, like receiving a gift in the mail that you can't help but post about and share how beautiful it is. The package included a laptop sticker, a letter about the campaign from Wycliffe's president, the book, and a card with sample social media posts. All of this was placed on a bed of shredded gold confetti, mimicking the yellow line used throughout the branded WhyBible design.

This campaign was a team production. Shout outs go to Christine Ku (for building the brand and designing the sites), Lin Jackson (for building the sites), Jennifer Stasak (for writing all of the content and planning the campaign), Katie Kuykendall (strategizing social media and planning), Ben Rupp (for logo design), Pamala Mullis (for project management), and Scott Everhart (director of marketing).