I see the reflections of how my actions and the actions of others have shaped who I have become. All the experiences have become shadows, building up, forming me.


The surface level stuff, the fluff of life, is being pushed aside, revealing the core of who I am, the bare bones. The frame is starting to show, but it is still beautiful.


We have come together, building each other up, reflecting the best parts of each other, forming shadows of who we are.


My steady simple life is being overtaken by this person, this feeling, this idea, and it's daunting.


My love is overflowing; I am no longer hesitant or scared. It is here and it is a part of me. There is no tension; I am safe.


Everything is falling apart. I’m desperately trying to hold everything together, to pick up the falling bits and piece them back together. It’s a mess, it’s chaotic, and I have no idea what I’m doing. There is no order, no understanding, no clear direction. 


I still know who I am, but I am lost. I am overwhelmed by decisions and sadness; a hurricane has hurt my town, and I am suddenly being torn in different directions. I am here, but it is hard. 


I’ve left it all behind, and I am rising from it. I was weighed down, but now I’m flying, surer and ready to take on whatever I have placed before me. I am stronger, and there is a clean slate before me. 


I have settled in. My mind has been made up, I know where I am going, and I am sure. Worries and choices surround me, and some decisions have been made, and others await to be addressed. But I cannot be moved.